Photo Courtesy of KT Photography

Photo Courtesy of KT Photography

The Story

DeAnna Cochran Jewelry creates handcrafted modern day heirlooms in a metals studio in North Texas and now Georgia (as of February 2017). The jewelry brand has been recognized by media worldwide, worn by celebrities, and gained attention for its multiple charity-driven collections. But there is much more to the story.  Behind the brand is artist DeAnna Cochran with a faith driven passion to create pieces with a meaning.

As gold is refined by raising the temperature to melting point. With this process impurities rise to the surface and are scraped away. The result is a “mirror like” reflective surface.  As in life, the heat of trials may bring out areas previously masked that we never knew existed. It is at this time we can reflect deeply and may find a desire to change our direction. This is DeAnna Cochran’s story. It is one of loss, faith, hope and healing.  It is a desire to share that hope with others as a result of her tragedy.
Her passion for jewelry design began at a young age at her Aunt’s jewelry store. She fell in love with the design and creation process. She designed her very first ring from old gold and diamond designs that she owned and wanted to bring new life to them.  A dream was sparked but it wasn’t until two decades later, after successful corporate career, and her heart-breaking loss, when DeAnna Cochran Jewelry was launched.

Graduating from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in metalwork and jewelry design DeAnna was set for success.  Still seeking how to apply her love of design, and her desire for sound business practices, she accepted a corporate sales position with the largest computer re-seller in the world. That career spanned 15 years which allowed her travel the world. She soaked up culture from the many countries she worked in.  She had the opportunity to mentor with some of the best business minds she has met to date.  During this corporate experience she met her husband and they started a family. 

The couple’s first child Jackson was born four months premature in 2004. After spending three weeks in the NICU Jackson lost his battle for life. DeAnna was forever changed by the short life of her son. She began creating art as a way of healing. Her first collection was launched just months after her son’s death. It was a collection of hand carved leaves called the Jackson’s Leaf Collection. Each piece was created with an individual leaf out of an October maple tree planted in Jackson’s memory in the artist’s garden.

After the birth of her second child, she knew this was her calling. She retired from the corporate world leaving her position as the company’s first global Six Sigma Black Belt (a practice that applies statistical analysis to processes to ensure high standards). She was now focuses on DeAnna Cochran Jewelry full time. It was her desire to use what she had learned in life and business to launch a company that gave hope to others through art. 

Today, DeAnna has a wonderful team of individuals who are committed to her goal to not only to create jewelry but to spread hope, healing and joy to others. DeAnna’s hand crafted designs are eco-conscious using reclaimed gold, silver, and bronze.

Just like Jackson’s tree keeps growing on her yard, DeAnna’s company continues to grow, but she never forgets the purpose of her work, and where her story began. 

“Every day is journey of faith and hope,” she says. She still wears her first design, the band she created in her Aunt’s shop, as a reminder of the journey she has taken. 

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 "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint" Isaiah 40:31